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Welcome to Benjamin Productions

My name is Benjamin Lehm i'm a 19 year old
hobby producer from Nakskov, Denmark.
My alias is Crankx, which i've been using since i started making music.

I first got in touch with music production 5-6 years ago, when me and my little brother downloaded the demo of FL studio. Back then we had no clue what we where doing, and we just played around with it for a couple of hours now and then.

About 2 years ago i decided that i wanted to make my own music, it started off slowly by learning the program and it took a lot of patience, and i was not that pattient, so the first year i did not learn that much but the last 4-5 month i have been pushing myself hard, and i think that i have become a lot better.

My dream is to get signed to a label and make a living of making music.